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This is a group project what I did in school. It’s a future apps that let you to track your daily life. Credits: Eric Dosier, Niki Chou, Tayler Steury, Seurgi Lee, Red Jiang
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Magazine Cover Animation

This is a school project which created in After Effect. The purpose of this project is to re-design an animation coverĀ in a new version
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Virtual Mirror Concept Video

It’s a concept video create for my final thesis project Virtual Mirror.
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This is a Logo animation which I did with my director Andrea Quagliata.
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Sitting is a time bomb

This is a school project by tracing personal data for 2 weeks and make a story of those data. Finally, using C4D to present it.
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Trapcode Practice

This is a school project which I did in my motion graphic class. The purpose for this is to know about the trapcode and play with it.
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